Matthew Willse & this website

Hello. I'm Matthew Willse, product manager, designer, systems thinker, and technologist. My experience combines the art of leading scrappy, vision-driven teams with first-hand expertise in engineering, design, research and analytics.

I work at Swayable, as Director of Product and Design. Swayable enables rapid campaign tests and insights, with scientific rigor. Forget about superficial clicks and shares – we measure real impact. Backed by Y Combinator, Higher Ground Labs, New Media Ventures and Lowercase Capital.

I previously worked at Mozilla, where I helped connect a global network of people who strive to create a more healthy internet for the public good. Before that, I helped companies and NGOs as a consultant on communications, design, and web development projects.

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This site was lovingly crafted by hand in Brooklyn with the following tools: Sketch, Sublime Text, Firebase, Javascript, Vue.js, html, css, Chrome and Firefox. Content created with various tools including Illustrator and my beloved Fuji camera.